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I find that many people with our monocular challenges are creative and resourceful. Please drop me a note or email me with your thoughts, suggestions, or tips if you have more!

Others will gain from reading your story and so I'd love to hear from you! Inspirational feedback will be featured on the websire.


"Frank Brady's book, A Singular View, pointed out various things that I was not aware of .......even being monocular myself!"

Dr. Julius Axelrod, Nobel Prize Recipient.


"The book, A Singular View, has been a valuable tool for both myself and the patients I work with during their transition. It is a great reference and a delightful read."

Jonni Thoma, RN, B. S. N., Coordinator COMS, (Collaborative Ocular Melanoma Study).

"This book is written as a manual for the "newly one-eyed" and addresses the problems that occur during daily living with monocular vision,"

American Medical Journal.

"I learned a great deal about the vision loss my daughter experienced"

M. O'Neill, Richmond, Virginia.

"Our entire family has found the book, A Singular View to be very helpful regarding Mother's recent surgery"

J. Saunders, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

"As a pilot with the Baltimore City Police Helicopter Unit, I found the book, A Singular View, very interesting and informative in dealing with my recent vision loss"

K.P., Baltimore, Maryland.

"I first ran across the book, A Singular View, when I was a fellow at the University of Iowa and feel that it makes a wonderful resource for patients who need to deal with the loss of one eye."

Sean Donahue, M.D., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology, Pediatrics Neurology, Vanderbilt University.

"I have used the wonderful book, A Singular View, as a reference and starting point of Graves disease support group"

Peggie M., Portland, Oregon.

Dear Mr. Brady,
I was looking through my copy of your 5th edition of, A Singular View, and once again realized just how much it helped me in 1996 when I lost my right eye at the age of forty-two to cancer. I went on to become a paramedic-firefighter, and still serve my community today. I wanted to let you know that I am lending my copy to a friend whom recently lost her eye, I just know, it will help her, as it did me.
Deborah B., Lusy, Maryland.

"As a victim of an eye loss myself, I found the book, A Singular View, informative and full of helpful tips on adjusting to the monocular life."

W. Randy Trawnik, Dallas Eye Prosthetics.

"Frank Brady's book, A Singular View, is truly an eye-opener; no humor intended. People with binocular vision, myself among them, are blissfully unaware of the alarming difficulties faced daily after just losing sight in one eye Brady's "big brother" manner of writing is comforting and optimistic."

Ranice W. Crosby, Associate Professor
Director, Emerita
Department of Art as Applied to Medicine
The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.


"Thank you for providing this book for my resources."

Lydia Bardak, The Canadian National Institute for the Blind.


"Your book, A Singular View, is a milestone in helping the newly one-eyed patient to adjust to functioning with monocular vision. I have recommended your book to many of my patients who are going through this difficult adjustment. You have my gratitude for putting into print some needed advice to a small percentage of human beings who are virtually unknown or forgotten."

Walter T. Tillman, B.C.O., Ocularist, Pittsburgh, PA.


"I take this opportunity of thanking you for the advice given in your book, A Singular View."

David Evans, Brownhills, England.

"As a psychiatrist, I read your book a number of years ago when I treated two youngsters, one 6 and the other 13, each of whom had lost an eye some time prior; your book was very useful to me."

Donald J. Watt, M.D., New York.


"Commissioner Patti Tyson recently sent me a copy of your book, A Singular View: The Art of Seeing With One Eye, to include in the collection of The Museum of Opthalmology. I am delighted to accept this book and look forward to placing this book in our library."

Susan E. Cronenwett, Director
The Museum of Opthalmology
San Francisco, CA.


"In your book, A Singular View, I noticed an excellent diagram illustrating how to determine curb depth (page 54) which we would like to include in our curriculum."

Betsy O'Donnell, Orientation and Mobility Specialist
Pennsylvania College of Optometry
Philadelphia, PA.


"From time-to-time we have requests and inquiries regarding the book. Thank you for your help in this matter."

Mary H. Levine, MSW, Social Worker
New Hampshire Association for the Blind.


"This is perhaps the single best source of information for those who have lost sight in one eye, as well as for anyone who must lend support to, or who simply wants to better understand the unique challenges and opportunities of, those facing life with a 'singular view.'

Mr. Brady is uniquely qualified to write such a book. As someone who is both a scientist and practitioner of the "art of seeing with one eye," he has reviewed and clearly explained things both technical and deeply personal. The result is a book that is educational, compassionate, and even entertaining--and one that should be read by anyone affected by the loss of vision in one eye."

Integrated Orbital Implants, Bio-eye®
San Diegeo, CA.


"This book covers the entire depth perception subject and is must reading for the new prosthetic eye patient."

Gordon Kolberg, Kolberg Ocular Prosthetics
San Diego, CA.

I am already reading a "borrowed" copy of your fine book entitled, "A Singular View". Already I know I want my own copy.

V Paul Felton
Rancho Bernardo, California

We have found that your book is very helpful in aiding our monocular patients in becoming adjusted.

Joseph Manno, MD
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mr. Brady: I would appreciate receiving the book [A Singular View] and hearing from you as to whether you can assist my client at his trial.

Louis P. Pfeiler, Esq.
Pfieler and Beckman Law Offices
Dubuque, Iowa

Dear Mr. Brady: I have a copy of your book, "A Singular View", at my office and have found it very valuable. I work for the Texas Commission for the Blind as a Children's Caseworker. Each year I have several children who for some reason have a serious problem with just one eye. Many of these children have a serious eye injury.

I thoroughly enjoyed your book and would appreciate it if you would let me know how I could obtain additional copies to distribute to my clients.

Renee Robinson, VHC Caseworker
Texas Commission for the Blind

Thank you for sending a copy of "A Singular View". I feel that a few of our patients will benefit greatly from reading it.

Ben T. Kawasaki, DDS
Honolulu Hawaii

I recently read your book "A Singular View" and enjoyed it so much that I would like to have a copy of my own. IN May of this year I lost sight in my left eye due to an industrial accident. I'm fifty-one years old and your book has helped me cope with the loss.

Woolf Eye Clinic [of Mesa, Arizona] let me read their copy and they thought I might be able to purchase one for myself from you.

I appreciate you taking the time to write this book, as I know it will be helpful to others with this problem.

Thank you!

Jimmy Wolfe
Snowflake, Arizona

The three patients who (within the last six months) have had an enucleation for ocular melanoma have appreciated the hints and explanations included in your text. Thanks for having written such a helpful tool! Best Wishes!

Mary Pat Manning, RN
St. Francis Memorial Hospital
San Francisco, California

Dear Mr. Brady, I have recently had the opportunity to read your book, "A Singular View". I feel it is of excellent benefit to any monocular patient and am interested in purchasing additional copies for our patients who face enucleation.

Thanking you in advance!

Judy Attaway
University Eye Consultants
Department of Ophthalmology
The University of Texas Health Science Center
San Antonio, Texas

Frank B. Brady has written a unique book: A Singular View. Brady is known to aviation people everywhere for his pioneering work in instrument landing system development.

He [Brady] applied his engineering talents to devising techniques and tools to compensate. The Degree of his success may be measured by the fact that he is able to fly an airplane again, drive a car, and participate in sports.

AERO LINE, monthly newsletter
Airlines Electronic Engineering Committee
Annapolis, Maryland

Members of the "one eyed community" find very little literature of practical use to them in learning to live with their handicap (or as Frank Brady says, their "inconvenience"). This excellent volume fills the need admirably. His story and his advice cannot but give a great lift to those experiencing the same difficulty.

The Retired Officer Magazine

Colonel Ernest A. Brav, US Army
Association of Military Surgeons of the United States
Chevy Chase, Maryland

Dear Colonel,

A copy of the book, "A Singular View" was passed to me by Colonel Ed Huyck at OSD.

This is an excellent how-to-do-it book, set in large type and written in simple, non-technical language, explaining to the individual who has recently lost sigh of an eye the many ways in which he can cope with a world oriented to people who have ordinary binocular vision. This ranges from such ordinary activities as restaurant dining to the more ambitious but less likely attempts at flying an airplane a la Wiley Post.

I recommend that it be in the library of every military hospital as well as every VA, USPHS, and civilian hospital that has a library.


Budd Appleton, MD
Colonel, Medical Corps, US Army
Chief, Ophthalmology Service

I recently lost the vision in my right eye and was given a copy of your book, "A Singular View". I found it both interesting and helpful. Especially useful to me was the explanation of exactly what I've lost (such as depth perception). I found that recognizing the problems made them much easier to deal with.

Thank you,

Connie Wolfe
Defiance, Ohio

Dear Mr. Brady;

This is my New year's resolution- to thank you ever so much for your superb treasure; "A Singular View". I thought that I had mastered the art of seeing with one eye until I read your book and discovered many small, but important things to do.

All the Best ,

Henry Burroughs
West River, Maryland

An excellent reference book.

Wills Eye Hospital, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania